Moroccan Organics Conditioner

Moroccan Organics Conditioner 8oz

Moroccan Organics Conditioner is a nourishing structural sealer made with organic Argan Cellulose Extract for improved hair health and control. It will effectively close the cuticle after using Moroccan Organics Shampoo. This moisture repair conditioner is ideal for hair that has been salon serviced or over styled. It can bring hair back to life hair with its highly concentrated formula that is rich in organic argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids. It will restore elasticity, moisture and manageability to the hair.

The formula contains no sulfates, no phosphates and no parabens, so it's healthier and will protect and prolong the effects of salon services.

Size: 8oz

Moroccan Organics is an innovative, high-tech form of argan oil hair treatment made with 100% certified organic ingredients. The key active ingredient is cellulose extract that is organically harvested from argan tree root cells, which have recovered from natural duress, through a patented process known as PhytoCellTec. These argan cells are generated by the argan tree in order to heal any distress and have proven to have extraordinary capabilities to repair, reconstruct and restore the natural health of the argan tree. Now they can be used to do the same for hair!

How does it work:

The modern male client is both well-groomed, and well-informed. He is ingredient savvy and expects high performance from his personal care products. Momentum offers a complete range of botanically formulated products that won't compromise health for style. It's the best of both worlds.

Achieving Best Results

Although extraordinary results will be immediately realized upon the first application, the best results will be achieved over the course of daily application, ideally right before and after heat treatments with blow dryers or flat irons, for one to two weeks. Applications should be used before heat treatments from that point forward for maintenance and protection, but use after heat treatments for styling is also recommended depending on individual styling preferences.
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